Reminders: Fishing Safely

No matter what kind of fishing you do – commercial, sport, subsistence or personal use – let’s fish safely this summer.

The State of Alaska is requiring commercial fisherman to have protective plans in place prior to the fishing season to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Reference Health Mandate 17 – link below). Sport, personal use and subsistence fishing remain open, but anglers need to follow the state’s health mandates and please be considerate of others. Fishing is important to Alaskans – to fill our freezers, sustain our families and enjoy the outdoors – but let’s do it safely and respectfully!

• Fish as close to home as possible.

• If you do travel, make sure you know about any special rules in the communities you plan to travel through and abide by them.

• Stock up on supplies before you go. Minimize stops and interactions in other communities.

• Keep at least six feet from others who are not in your immediate household.

• Wear a cloth face covering when out in public or when it’s hard to keep at least six feet from others.

Be well, be safe and for more information, including the health mandates, visit

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