New Travel Protocols Begin August 11

All travelers arriving in Alaska from another state or country:

The revised State of Alaska Health Mandate 10 is now posted online at For frequently asked questions:…/Site…/Pages/HumanCoV/TravelFAQ.pdf…

For DHSS traveler health guidance:

Traveling within Alaska:
All statewide restrictions have been removed for traveling to communities on the road system or marine highway system within the state. Travel to remote communities is limited to essential travel only. Travel to or from remote communities off the road system is prohibited except for critical personal needs or to conduct critical infrastructure services. For definitions of the “road system” in Alaska and other details, please read Health Mandate 18 on Intrastate Travel and the frequently asked questions.
Health Mandate 18:

Be aware that local jurisdictions may have their own requirements for traveling into their communities. It’s the responsibility of every traveler to educate themselves and contact the communities they are traveling to ahead of time to understand local conditions.

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