Isolate to Save Lives

This won’t last forever and we know it’s difficult, but it will take all of us changing our behaviors this November to slow the rapid escalation in COVID-19 cases.

As Governor Dunleavy said this week, “We must act together now while we still have choices.” Municipal Administrator echoed this same sentiment in his message to Sitkans on November 12.

Your actions can help save lives and protect our hospital capacity. Please follow state and local community health guidance. On November 10, the City and Borough of Sitka Assembly passed legislation strongly encouraging Sitkans to continue COVID-19 prevention efforts.

Cases are high in EVERY region of Alaska, INCLUDING Sitka. Please avoid gatherings, work from home whenever possible, limit community exposure, wear a mask in public, remain physically distant from anyone who does not reside in your household, wash/disinfect your hands frequently, consider travel carefully, and order supplies or food online and use takeout and curbside pickup whenever possible. Stay safe and be well. Thank you, Sitkans, for doing all you can to stop the spread. Thanks to Caring is Easy for the wonderful graphic!

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