Connect with Alaska’s COVID-19 Experts via Video Conference

Participating in or just listening to ECHO videoconferences are a great way to connect with Alaska’s COVID-19 experts and have your questions answered. We encourage you to tune in. Here is the DHSS ECHO schedule for this week, Nov. 30 – Dec. 4, 2020.

• Vaccine Press ECHO – for media, 12-12:30 pm
• School Health ECHO – for school health/nurse leaders and administrators, 3-4 pm

• Rural Public Health ECHO – for rural healthcare stakeholders, 12-1 pm
• Alaska COVID-19 ECHO for Medical Providers, 7-8 pm

• Dr. Butler: Addressing Alaska Healthcare Stakeholders about the COVID-19 Vaccine – for Alaska medical and healthcare stakeholders, 7-8 am
• COVID-19 Science ECHO – for the general public, 12-1 pm. You can also tune in via Facebook Live @alaskachdCOVID-19
• Palliative Care in COVID-19 ECHO – for health care providers, 12-1 pm
• Local Government Public Health Analysis ECHO – for health care providers, 3-4 pm

• COVID-19 Situational Awareness for Health Care Providers, 12-1 pm
• COVID-19 Media ECHO – for the media, 1-1:45 pm
• COVID-19 Vaccine ECHO – vaccine planning and operation updates for community partners, emergency managers, and immunization coordinators, 2-3 pm
• COVID-19 Contact Tracer ECHO – for contact tracers, 7-8 pm

• Nursing Home ECHO, 2-3 pm

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