A Sunday Afternoon Message from Dr. Zink


Early on in this pandemic, we talked a lot about how our response to COVID-19 was like building a plane as we were flying it. We didn’t know when we could land the plane but every day we had to build a new part and act quickly. We rapidly built up our testing capacity, implemented new treatments, expanded contact tracing and developed metrics to help us understand the spread and speed of the virus – all while trying to understand where we were headed so we could help people know what they could do to protect themselves and others.

The actions of individual Alaskans are like the plane’s fuel. The more individuals do to help slow the spread, the smoother we can fly without sputtering or running out of gas. We are close. The runway where we be able to land this pandemic plane is in sight.

We submitted our vaccine order on Friday that takes into account our rural and geographic challenges, and if the data looks good, we should expect to be vaccinating Alaskans before Christmas.

However, there is a lot of turbulence and we need your help. Cases are increasing, and we all have more work to do before this is over. It’s time to buckle up, wear your mask, keep your distance, wash your hands and avoid indoor space with others, and when it is your turn, please consider helping land this “pandemic plane” by getting vaccinated. I know I will.” – Dr. Zink

Shared from Dr. Zink’s facebook post December 6, 2020 (Annezinkmd)

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