Don’t leave home without your mask!

An important reminder from the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services!

Please keep wearing your mask when you are out in public and make sure it fits well and covers your nose and mouth.

Many people are wondering whether wearing a mask, keeping distance from others and frequent hand washing are still necessary after you’ve received both doses of COVID-19 vaccine The answer is YES. It’s extremely important for all of us, even those who have been vaccinated, to continue with the usual pandemic precautions, at least for a while.

Here are three reasons: 1) The vaccine is very good at protecting from you from getting sick (95% efficacy in clinical trails) but does not guarantee complete immunity. 2) More research is needed before we know if those who are vaccinated are less likely to infect others. It’s possible you could still transmit the virus even after you’ve had two doses of vaccine. 3) It will take time before enough people are protected against the virus to achieve herd immunity. COVID-19 variants are on the rise in some countries and U.S. states, which makes masking and other COVID-19 prevention measures even more important.

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