State of Alaska COVID-19 Response and Recovery: Health Advisory No. 1

The State of Alaska has issued four new Health Advisories.

Health Advisory No. 1 speaks to recommendations for keeping Alaskans safe. Containing the virus that causes COVID-19 cannot be done through community measures alone; Alaskans must take individual responsibility to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their community. The primary ways to do this are:

•Wearing a cloth face covering/mask when in public settings and when you are around people outside your household.

•Practicing social distancing by avoiding close contact and minimizing time spent indoors with persons outside your household.

•Monitoring your health and staying at home when sick.

•Practicing good hygiene by frequently washing your hands and disinfecting high touch surfaces in your home and workplace.

Throughout the pandemic, Sitkans have done an outstanding job pulling together to keep a lid on COVID-19. Let’s keep it up!

To read Health Advisory No. 1, visit:

For the complete list of COVID-19 Response and Recovery Health Advisories, visit:

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