One-Year Anniversary

Today marks the one‐year anniversary of the first COVID‐19 case in Alaska. We spend today remembering those who have lost loved ones, who continue to cope with health issues due to COVID‐19 and who have struggled or had their lives disrupted in other ways.

Over the past year, our community has been resilient and rallied together. We have taken care of one another and remained vigilant with our prevention measures to protect our community, our first responders, and our schools. We have been a leader in vaccination efforts and were one of the first places in the nation to make vaccinations available to those age 16 and older. Now, more than half of our eligible population has been vaccinated against COVID‐19.

We ask you to continue to be good neighbors and community partners as we round the turning point heading into the next stage of recovery from this trying time. With the resiliency of Alaskans, we are poised to make Sitka the standard by which all other cities are measured.

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