April 28 Pop-Up Echo: COVID-19 Vaccines for Youth Age 12-15

Don’t miss this Pop-Up ECHO on Wednesday this week!

COVID Vaccines for Youth, April 28, 2021: 6-7 pm

This Pop-Up ECHO will discuss the pending authorization of COVID-19 vaccines for youth age 12-15 and what families need to know.

This is a Q&A format intended for the general public as well as health care providers.

Tune in on Zoom: https://alaska.zoom.us/j/81647389418?pwd=S1BsMFZ3VVpCeldpZllPUEhwdFRJZz09&fbclid=IwAR3C_nMWBf5PbT_3yqX7h_N_FunJBjmXhcJCYX8aiSGnIO7kSCsXBhKRnSw#success

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