Alaska Department of Health & Social Services Weekly Case Update May 9-15, 2021

Brief Status Report

  • The statewide transmission rate and daily case rates decreased to their lowest levels since December 2020. Case rates rose sharply in the Southern Southeast region but decreased in most other regions.
  • Nearly 53% of Alaskans 16 years and older have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Alaska is currently the twenty-fifth most vaccinated state per capita for adults 18+. 53% of the State/IHS vaccine allocation so far has been administered.
  • 98% of all hospitalizations to date were people who are unvaccinated.
  • As of May 12, all Alaskans age 12 years and older are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Case Trends and Predictions

  • 458 cases were reported in Alaskans last week. This was an 35.0% decrease from the week before.
  • Case rates increased significantly in the Southern Southeast region. The Northern Southeast region experienced a small increase in case rates.
  • Case rates decreased in the other 9 behavioral health regions this week.
  • The estimated statewide daily growth rate as of May 17, 2021 is -3.52% and new cases are expected to halve every 19.7 days based on current modeling.

Regional Case Trends

Behavioral Health RegionCase rates Apr 4– Apr 10Case rates Apr 11– Apr 17Case rates Apr 18– Apr 24Case rates Apr 25– May 1Case rates May 2– May 8Case rates May 9–May 15
Anchorage Municipality22.821.
Fairbanks North Star Borough17.018.337.150.133.515.6
Interior Region except Fairbanks16.617.120.717.615.014.0
Juneau City and Borough8.
Kenai Peninsula Borough15.520.119.312.49.07.8
Matanuska-Susitna Region46.948.240.628.122.414.8
Northern Southeast Region8.
Northwest Region3.
Southern Southeast Region6.15.811.919.932.954.2
Southwest Region10.
Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Region20.111.612.414.67.26.9

Vaccines Status

Reported vaccinations as of May 17, 2021.

Regional Vaccine Trends

Borough/Census AreaVaccination Rate for Ages 16+
May 2
Vaccination Rate for Ages 16+
May 9
Vaccination Rate for Ages 16+
May 16
1+ DoseFully Vaccinated1+ DoseFully Vaccinated1+ DoseFully Vaccinated
Aleutians East Borough58.9%35.9%61.1%36.9%66.7%43.1%
Aleutians West Census Area53.9%32.5%57.4%35.5%58.1%39.1%
Anchorage Municipality53.8%47.0%55.5%48.9%56.3%49.7%
Bethel Census Area69.3%60.9%69.9%62.3%70.4%63.3%
Bristol Bay plus Lake and Peninsula65.7%53.8%76.1%57.4%77.4%59.4%
Chugach-Copper River Census Area50.2%45.2%56.9%51.6%57.3%52.5%
Denali Borough53.2%48.8%55.6%50.5%56.0%51.1%
Dillingham Census Area50.6%42.0%52.8%43.9%53.1%44.3%
Fairbanks North Star Borough41.4%36.6%42.6%38.3%44.0%39.8%
Haines Borough66.3%63.1%66.2%63.1%66.6%64.2%
Juneau City and Borough70.2%62.8%71.4%66.6%72.6%68.0%
Kenai Peninsula Borough42.1%38.1%43.6%39.9%44.2%40.5%
Ketchikan Gateway Borough56.3%50.3%58.5%53.2%59.4%53.9%
Kodiak Island Borough60.7%54.5%62.3%56.0%62.7%56.9%
Kusilvak Census Area70.0%58.0%69.8%59.3%70.7%60.7%
Matanuska-Susitna Borough34.2%29.7%35.7%31.3%36.5%32.2%
Nome Census Area72.7%69.9%73.6%70.8%74.4%71.3%
North Slope Borough34.8%32.0%34.4%31.8%34.7%32.3%
Northwest Arctic Borough55.9%51.0%57.8%53.2%58.3%54.1%
Petersburg Borough73.9%68.8%75.8%70.9%76.2%71.4%
Prince of Wales-Hyder Census Area47.6%42.3%49.2%43.5%50.1%43.6%
Sitka City and Borough69.3%63.6%70.4%64.8%71.1%65.0%
Skagway Municipality78.2%74.2%78.7%74.8%78.6%75.2%
Southeast Fairbanks Census Area29.8%25.6%30.8%26.3%31.2%27.1%
Wrangell City and Borough57.0%53.0%58.5%53.8%58.7%54.8%
Yakutat plus Hoonah-Angoon71.7%65.2%71.8%65.6%72.6%66.6%
Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area74.6%69.4%75.2%70.5%75.6%71.0%
  • To schedule your vaccine appointment visit or call 907-646-3322. The call line is staffed Monday-Friday from 9AM-6:30PM and 9AM-4:30PM on weekends.

New Cases, Hospitalizations, and Deaths

  • During the week of May 9 through May 15, 2021, 458 cases were reported in Alaskans. This is a 35.0% decrease compared to the week prior for a total of 66,764.
  • Cumulative hospitalizations increased to 1,542 with 8 reported as occurring this week. Hospitalization reports often lag and only 1,509 hospitalizations were reported at this time last week, so there are 33 hospitalizations newly reported this week including ones that began during previous weeks.
  • No deaths were reported this week however fifteens death earlier weeks were reported (358 total). It is common to take more than a week for a death to be reported, and deaths that occurred during May 9-May 15 may be reported in the future after death certificates are reviewed.
  • 19 new nonresident cases were identified this week for a total of 2,786 cases.

Vaccine Breakthrough Cases

  • Vaccine breakthrough (VB) infections of COVID are those detected in a person who is more than 2 weeks beyond their second dose of a 2-dose series or the only dose of a 1-dose series. As of May 1, 2021, CDC changed reporting of VB cases to be only those associated with hospitalization or death.
  • From January 1–May 10, 2021, Alaska has recorded one death and nine hospitalizations resulting from a VB infection. These counts are provisional and subject to change as more data are compiled. In that same time frame, a total of 20,157 cases, 446 hospitalizations, and 93 deaths were reported. 98% of all hospitalizations to date were people who are unvaccinated.
  • Specimens from VB infections (regardless of severity) are prioritized for sequencing and described in the weekly Alaska Genomics Report

Variant Tracking

Variants of ConcernCases IdentifiedChange From Last WeekFirst Identified in Alaska
B.1.1.789+2720 December 2020
P.113+28 February 2021
B.1.3513020 March 2021
B.1.4273+230 March 2021
B.1.429110+424 December 2020
Variants of InterestCases IdentifiedChange From Last WeekFirst Identified in Alaska
B.1.5267+24 February 2021
B.1.5251016 March 2021
P.24027 January 2021

Health Care Capacity

  • On May 17, 21 Alaskans with confirmed COVID-19 were hospitalized and 3 were reported to require a mechanical ventilator.

Total Confirmed COVID-19 Beds Occupied

Cases by Week Reported and Age Group

Cases by Week Reported and Race

Cases by Week Reported and Region

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